Basic autumn closet for girl plus size

Date: Sep 21, 2020
Basic autumn closet for girl plus size

Not so long ago we raised the theme of autumn closet, how to choose the right basic things that will be useful. Today I would like to raise this topic again, just a little change of emphasis on girls with lush shapes, as many do not know how to make a basic autumn closet for a girl of plus size.


I suggest that the plus size girls use their beauty to the maximum and look bright and attractive this autumn.

I suggest you to make a set of things with a couple of accents. There is no need to overload the image so you do not look ridiculous. Give up large pockets in your clothes, hood and other large details - it all adds volume visually.


Girls of plus size are very comfortable with the strict, classic semi-fit models. If it concerns a dress, remember that the outfit should not be too short and tight. Choose a style that will help hide all the imperfections of the figure and visually make you slimmer and more attractive.

Choose a pantsuit, it will emphasize the elegance of the figure plus size more than ever.

From the outerwear, I recommend to give preference to a classic coat on the belt and a sweatshirt. A platform shoe, low heel boots or sports shoes (if it is a casual walking or shopping image) will fit perfectly under such an upper.

I strongly advise against high boots and thin heels, because it does not always look aesthetically pleasing and appropriate.


My dears, remember that with a properly selected closet your life will flirt with new colors, you will be more charming and attractive every day.