Classic suit and silk top

Date: Sep 7, 2020
Classic suit and silk top

Hello Beautiful!

Not so long ago, I talked about the benefits of a silk top, how versatile it is, what it can be combined with and where to wear it.


In general, many designers believe that a silk top claims to be a basic wardrobe item. After all, this product is indispensable for creating an elegant, stylish, sexy and feminine look.


I would like to touch on the topic of combining a classic suit and a silk top. I don't know if you like it, but I just love this casual combination.

What could be better than sophisticated classics and a light top that adds relaxedness and openness?


If you still think that the classic suit is only for office clerks or businessmen, then you are deeply mistaken. In this outfit, you can go to a birthday, party, gala dinner or to attend other celebrations.


Do not dwell only on black. There are so many beautiful colors and shades in this world that you can even pick up several costumes that will look appropriate at the event where you are going.


Do not give up modern models of suits; for the period from spring to autumn, you can choose suits with cropped trousers, as well as a light and loose jacket.


If you don't want to wear a jacket, then believe me, a silk top with thin straps and classic trousers will look no less advantageous on your figure.


Accentuate your look with discreet accessories, discreet, delicate and beautiful make-up, high-heeled shoes, ballet pumps or sports shoes that are perfect for your style.