How to choose a skirt to emphasize your figure?

Date: Sep 10, 2020
How to choose a skirt to emphasize your figure?

September allows us to enjoy the still warm autumn days, and, accordingly, to demonstrate open dresses.


I don't know about you, but for me autumn is a good opportunity to show beautiful legs and wear different skirts.


By the way, do you know how to choose the right style and length of the skirt to emphasize all the advantages of the figure?

If not, then I will so with great pleasure clarify you a few points to consider when buying a new skirt.


I will not talk for a long time about how the right skirt can help hide all the imperfections of the figure and emphasize the necessary part of the body. Probably everyone knows all the features of her figure, shape and length of her legs. Let's start in order from miniskirt to maxi: 


1.Miniskirt is a fairly open product. As a rule, this skirt fits the figure and immediately reveals all the imperfections of the figure. I recommend wearing a mini skirt only for girls of short and medium height, with slender legs and a proportional figure. Mini can be combined with open and closed top, heels or platform shoes.

It is better to choose a more classic top for such a skirt: light blouses, tops, pencil 

2. skirt - the product can be slightly above or below the knee, has a narrowed cut, highlights the hips and buttocks. This model is suitable for girls with a beautiful bottom: slender legs and neat hips.

Let s not forget also turtleneck, etc. As for footwear, the most advantageous option here would be classic heeled shoes.

3.Trapezoidal skirt - such a product is narrowed at the waist and expanding towards the bottom. A versatile model that fits almost every shape. Such a skirt balances the silhouette well, accentuates the right places and emphasizes the waist.

4.Flared skirt - this model is suitable for a girl with high growth and not very voluminous hips. The product visually adds femininity to the silhouette. A more concise and discreet top will suit such a skirt.

5. Midi skirt (up to mid-calf) - ideal for tall girls with slender legs. Very well complement shoes with heels or low soles.

6. Maxi skirt - a product that magically hides all the imperfections of the figure, visually slims and stretches the figure. A voluminous or tight-fitting top and heeled shoes are suitable for such a skirt.


By adhering to these criteria, you can easily choose the length of the skirt for your body shape. Believe me, nothing has adorned a girl like a properly chosen wardrobe.


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