How to choose accessories for your look?

Date: Sep 2, 2020
How to choose accessories for your look?

Since yesterday we touched upon the topic of a silk scarf, today I would like to stop in more detail and talk with you about accessories, or rather, how to choose the right jewelry for your image?


If you still think why you need accessories, then I want to say that their role is integral in creating an image. With various details and accents, you can create your own unique style.


So, let's take a closer look at how to choose accessories.


First of all, I always recommend not to combine cheap accessories with expensive, elegant clothes. I know that there are girls who skillfully wear absolutely cheap jewelry on themselves, and it looks very expensive, and sometimes, and vice versa, your image becomes too simple and defiant.


The best option for both budget and quality is designer accessories. As a rule, these are fairly high-quality accessories that emphasize the good taste and personal style of their owner.


Second rule: use accessories sparingly.

If you are used to putting on everything at once, and then look like a Christmas tree, then you should get rid of this habit.

On this score, there are several rules that should be followed:

- jewelry with pearls, stones, rhinestones and various sequins should be worn only with evening dresses.

- you shouldn't choose shiny accessories for shiny clothes.

- do not immediately put on necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings. Stick to minimalism. Use no more than three accessories on the face.

- do not wear beads and a brooch at the same time.

- It is better to use simple decorations during the day, and massive ones in the evening.

I also recommend everyone to carefully follow the details of the whole image.


For example, wear shoes that match your suit or your stockings. Don't wear sports accessories for your everyday looks. It is better to choose accessories of the same style. Do not mix cheap jewelry and jewelry in one look.


If it seems to you that this topic is too complicated and you are not able to learn how to choose the right accessories for your image, then you should calm down. You can start to look harmonious and stylish with the use of accessories, you just have to delve into this topic a little and follow the recommendations of stylists and designers.