How To Hide A Tummy In A Wedding Dress

Date: Mar 20, 2020
How To Hide A Tummy In A Wedding Dress

If your tummy is not ideal, you will feel most comfortable in a wedding dress with a high waist, which is distinguished primarily by empire dresses. Their waist is located directly under the chest.

 The skirt flows freely from the chest to the ground. An empire wedding dress emphasizes the shoulders, arms and neckline, while the stomach, legs and hem remain completely hidden. A flowing floor-length skirt is suitable for tall brides. Short girls should choose a short skirt.

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An empire wedding dress is perfect for small breasts. For brides with large breasts, an empire wedding dress is not recommended because it emphasizes the large bust even more.

A simple Empire wedding dress is also suitable for pregnant brides. It is very romantic and hides the tummy:

Empire style wedding dress is ideal for women with slim arms and shoulders and with typical problem areas on the stomach, legs and buttocks.