Retro Style - Fashion 2020

Date: Oct 26, 2020
Retro Style - Fashion 2020

Hello, my darlings! 

A leafy fashion magazine, drew attention to one topic that I have not yet raised with you. Probably every modern person knows that fashion is cyclical, i.e. it has the property to repeat itself after a certain period of time. 

Today I would like to discuss with you a very cool topic, or rather the direction of fashion from which I am simply delighted since my youth - it's a retro style. 


Many years have passed, and style and clothes in this direction remain popular and interesting. The most wonderful thing is that the retro style is first of all about the elegant combination of things, extravagance and aristocracy. A girl in this style is incredibly attractive, charming and feminine. 

Retro-style outfits fit absolutely every woman, so regardless of the type of figure, volume and height - you will look easy, sophisticated and coquettish. 

Let's take a closer look at what is relevant today in retro style? 

- Outerwear (coat, furcoat);

- dresses and midi skirts, expanding from waist line to bottom. Such models visually make a figure by the type of hourglass;  

- corsets;

- vests, jackets and jackets of the fitted silhouette; 


Retro clothing is very restrained, so even with open shoulders and a small neckline you will not look vulgar. 

To make your retro look unique, be sure to complement it with accessories: hats, bandages, kerchiefs, necklace, purse, gloves. Do not forget about the makepup, the classic black arrows and red lipstick will add refinement and sexuality to your image.