We choose a jacket. What can be combined with and where to wear it?

Date: Sep 28, 2020
We choose a jacket. What can be combined with and where to wear it?

Cool autumn evenings allow us to diversify our closet with interesting images and combinations of clothes. I love this time of year for the fact that you can complement any light clothing with a stylish jacket.

Today's jackets have exquisite decoration and extraordinary designs, which will allow creating a new image every time.


Let us together understand how to choose a jacket and what to combine it with.

I prefer to use clothes that emphasize femininity, individuality and attractiveness.

A jacket is an excellent element of clothing in every closet. With it you can complement your image and boldly go to school, work, business meeting, on a date or a walk.

Jacket can be free or fitted cut, with long or short sleeves, with or without gates.

Jacket without clasps is perfectly combined with a combination dress, sundress, skirt and shirt.

Long jacket (jacket) looks good in everyday life with jeans, leggings, trouser suit, and short dress.

If you want to create a business style, then the long jacket will suit straight cut pants, pencil skirt, classic restrained shirt.


Creating different fashionable images, do not forget to adhere to the rules of balancing the figure, combination of colors and identity of the texture materials.

Complete your image with different accessories, make the main accents in your image, and believe me, you will be irresistible.