Wedding dresses for short brides

Date: Mar 20, 2020
Wedding dresses for short brides

What can and should be worn by short brides

A-line wedding dresses are best for small girls. This style is similar in shape to a pyramid and makes the bride visually taller. This dress tightly fits the upper body, and then slightly diverges from the waist down. For sophisticated figures, delicate, thin fabrics that gently hug the body are ideal.

Empire style wedding dresses also look very beautiful on graceful girls with narrow shoulders. They are not only elegant, but also somewhat playful. Typical for this style is the high waistline, which is located directly under the bust. From there, the dress flows gently and gently down.

For lovers of sports style, it is fashionable to recommend a minimalistic dress with a pencil skirt that reaches to the calf. Such a dress has a shaping effect. On fragile little brides with slender legs, dresses with tight or slightly flared mini-skirts look good.

An ideal compromise between short and long can be a dress with a slit in the front, slightly revealing the legs. Low brides must wear it with high heels.

Visually, the body length increases if the wedding dress has a stand-up collar or a V-neckline.

The mermaid dress also has an elongation effect, especially with a train. It looks especially good on fragile women, when the chest, waist and hips are tightly fitted, and the skirt begins to spread widely only from the hip.

Do not wear

Wide straps or horizontal patterns are used to visually reduce growth. Therefore, these fashion accessories are forbidden to brides who want to look taller. The same goes for floor-length skirts too wide, because they shorten the figure.

Little girls should not use large applications, they make the figure not only smaller, but also wider. Also too pompous dresses with tulle skirts are not good for them. The same applies to two-piece wedding suits, as well as to tops with drooping shoulders, in which girls look more stocky.