What styles of clothing are there? How to choose your style?

Date: Sep 11, 2020
What styles of clothing are there? How to choose your style?

My dear! I always try to raise various topics in the fashion industry so that you and I can understand this or that issue in more detail.

Today I was taken by surprise by the question: “What styles of clothing are there? How can I choose my style? ”, And I understood, since girls are still lost in these issues, then we certainly need to sort out this topic.

So, let's skip all the lyrics and start our analysis.


Whatever trends appear, the main founders of the style are the following directions:

• classic, business style - this trend is notable for its restraint, brevity, modesty and simplicity. In the classics, you will not find multi-colored, poisonous shades. The basic colors are subject to this style: black, gray, beige, dark blue.

• Casual - a fairly popular style for everyday life. This style offers comfort, style, comfortable cuts. As for the clothes themselves, the casual includes jeans, shirts, T-shirts, sweaters, hoodies, sneakers, etc. As for the color scheme, here the colors are not as restrained as in the classics, but bright colors will also be inappropriate.

• Sports style - here everything is clear without further ado.

This direction means comfortable clothes in which it is easy and convenient to actively spend the day and go towards adventure. But do not confuse style with clothing in which you can directly play sports. Don't cross this fine line.

• Glamorous style - this trend is a moderate elegant chic. Outfits made of expensive fabrics, precious jewelry, chic furs, grooming and polish are suitable for this style. Forget the stereotypical concept that glamor

it is a huge amount of sequins, glitters , various cheap accessories, etc.

• Ethno style - this trend is characterized by natural fabrics and spacious styles. Most often these are clothes that are a symbol of a particular nation or culture. In this style, bright and large decorations are always used, which will definitely attract the attention of others.

• Boho style - represents clothing made from natural fabrics, with lace, prints, tassels on clothes, bandages, etc. If you look at the finished image as a whole, you can see a certain carelessness and extravagance.

• Grunge style - in this direction you can find many favorite ripped jeans, plaid shirts, T-shirts, sneakers, etc. Previously, this style was preferred by teenagers, but now adults do not mind diluting their wardrobe with such things.

• Romantic style - usually consists of modest, cute dresses in delicate shades, with floral prints, lace and frills.

• Minimalism - simple and laconic style. Without unnecessary details and bright colors, which is similar to the classic style.

• Eclecticism is a very peculiar and very bold style of combining incompatible things. Here in one look you can find sweatpants and shoes with heels, a bright fur coat with short shorts and a turtleneck.

• Underwear style - a favorite trend in fashion in recent years. It is easy to guess that this style is in demand for clothes that look like underwear. Most often, outfits are sewn from silk, satin, with lace inserts, embroidery, thin straps.

• Retro style - without further ado, each of us understands what a retro style is. You can pick up outfits from the 30s to 70s and 80s. Retro, like the classics, has a restrained and laconic style, without excessive frankness and bright colors.

• Military - this direction has elements of a military style: camouflage, shoulder straps, buttons in two rows, etc. As for the color palette, here in the advantage of colors: khaki, dark blue, dark green, brown, gray, black.


I hope that my small guide on clothing styles will help you find your style, and you will be able to correctly and harmoniously choose outfits for your wardrobe.

Trust me, once you find your style, you find yourself.