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Buy women s robes in our Pearl Fashion online store.

Nice robe is the most versatile and most comfortable garment for the home that girls wear the most. Women's robes can be worn: as home clothes (fitted models of medium length, a dressing gown with a belt, a short silk robe with lace or ruffles are suitable); as clothes for bathing and SPA procedures (there can be both wrap-around terry robes in maxi length, and short ones made of lightweight material); morning dress during wedding gatherings (mainly thin silk robes in white and pastel shades for the bride and her bridesmaids).

A modern women's dressing gown should be not only comfortable and pleasant to the touch, but also beautiful so that you can always remain feminine and attractive.


What material to choose a robe from?

With proper handling and care of the product, the gown will be able to maintain its beautiful appearance and serve you for more than one year. To do this, you should choose products made from natural materials: cotton, terry, satin, microfiber, velours, silk.


When choosing a robe, pay attention to the details. The product should be lightweight and comfortable without hindering your movements. Internal seams should be soft and well finished. The style and length of the robe deserve special attention. Due to the wide variety of colors and models, you can choose a robe that will perfectly fit your figure, adding style and appeal to your look.


Today the following models of the dressing gown remain relevant:

straight cut robe - a spacious model in mini or midi length, does not fit the figure.

Dressing gown - a spacious model in which you will not be ashamed to go out or meet guests. Has long sleeves, buttons or zippers.

Dressing gown is a great option as a casual wear. A spacious and lightweight model with a zip or button fastening.

Kimono robe - a product made of silk or satin with long or short sleeves. It has a large belt that is tied around the waist. It will emphasize all the advantages of the figure and hide the disadvantages.


Several styles of a women s robes will never be superfluous in your home wardrobe. You can use the product as needed: as a daily home, after a shower, as a warm or beautiful and feminine outfit.

In the PearlFashion online store you can buy a robe that will become the main favorite of your home wardrobe.