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Sleeved dresses

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Want to buy a dress with sleeves? You can choose an outfit in the Pearl Fashion online store!

The variety of models and styles in women's wardrobe is always impressive. For the sultry heat, you can choose a dress with straps or short sleeves, and in cooler weather, give preference to a long sleeve dress. In addition, the increased sleeve length will accentuate the beauty of the arms and neck.

Depending on the occasion and style of the outfit, you can complement your look with heels or sports sneakers.


In order for the dress to decorate you and give you charm, you need to choose the right style for your body type:

• if you are the owner of a figure with a thin waist and proportional bust and hips, you can choose a dress of any style. The outfit will only highlight the beauty of your silhouette.

• for girls who have large hips and narrow top, it is recommended to choose dresses with a high waistline, light top, wide neckline and “lantern” sleeves.

• girls who have large breasts and do not have a narrow waist can choose dresses with a high waistline, shirt cut or with a V-neckline, which will focus on the benefits of the figure.

• If you have narrow hips and want to add visual volume to the lower body, then it is recommended to choose dresses with a low waistline, a fluffy skirt, with an oval or V-shaped cut.

A properly chosen dress can visually balance your figure, accentuate your shoulders, hide the fullness of your arms and straighten your posture. Today it is possible to choose different sleeve lengths, but the classic options are the long sleeve that ends at the wrist and the sleeve at three quarter length.


In addition to the style, you should always consider the reason for which you will wear the dress. In our online store Pearl Fashion, you can buy a long-sleeved dress that will be appropriate for every event: casual for a walk, for work, a date, for a gala evening or for shopping. A beautiful and stylish dress will help create an image in which you will feel graceful, irresistible and confident.