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Bridesmaids dresses

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Getting ready for your wedding and looking to buy a bridesmaid dress? Our Pearl Fashion online s offers a wide variety of models and shades of dresses that you can choose for your wedding ceremony.


In preparation for the wedding, much attention is paid to outfits for the newlyweds and their close friends, who act as witnesses.

Bridesmaids perform an important function during the wedding celebration - support, accompaniment, assistance in gathering the bride and preparing the fiesta .

For many years, the trend has remained at the peak of popularity when bridesmaids are dressed in the same dress or in the same color combination.


Let's take a closer look at the details that are important to consider when choosing a dress for bridesmaids:

• bridesmaids should not look vulgar. The outfit should emphasize attractiveness, femininity and sexuality.

• It is not recommended to choose dresses in the same white shade as the bride's wedding dress.

• for bridesmaids it is better to choose outfits in powdery, pale pink, peach, lilac, blue and other pastel colors.

• dresses should not be too short and restricting movement. Give preference to loose, midi and maxi length outfits.


If the bride wants her bridesmaids to be in white dresses, then you can play with contrast. For example, if the bride has a long fitted dress with lace or tulle, then we recommend that bridesmaids choose midi dresses made of silk, satin, satin or crepe.


If you have more than 5 bridesmaids and you don't want the outfits to be monotonous, then you can safely experiment with styles. Girlfriends will be able to choose an outfit that will hide the imperfections of the figure, while emphasizing the most important advantages of the female silhouette. Despite the one color, each bridesmaid will have their own individual style.

The most trending is the black bridesmaid dress. Due to the contrast with the bride, the girls will look no less interesting, stylish and elegant.


We recommend choosing a long black silk dress. Such an outfit will accentuate the figure and add attractiveness.

You can buy a bridesmaid dress from our PearlFashion online shop.