Delicate flying fabrics, exquisite silhouettes, perfect cut - the fashion house Pearl Fashion Group unites girls who have their own style, character and are not afraid to show them to people. They are not shy to demonstrate their individual and unique image. The task of our team is to help you highlight the zest that you can present by wearing silk dresses from our new collection.

Why trust us to create your style:
- Wide range of models and sizes: the uniqueness of Pearl Fashion Group's idea is that girls with non-standard parameters of figure can choose a silk outfit;
- creativity: with the help of Pearl Fashion Group fashion house you can realize your most daring ideas;
- practicality: you will not just wear this outfit once in your life, but you can use it to create new stylish and bold images;
- nice price: you communicate directly with the manufacturer, so you avoid numerous salon "twists" of cost.


Each product is poetry, which is expressed not only in the selection of fabric and the work of the designer, but also in the character, in every little detail that creates your image. The brand's team does everything possible to make every girl feel truly stylish and beautiful on the happiest days of her life. We follow global trends, carefully think over the design of each dress, put all our love and professionalism into the implementation of each model in our new collection.

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