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Don't wait for the moment, create a stylish look and good mood right now. You can buy plus size clothes at Pearl Fashion online shop.

Many overweight girls are tormented in a long and exhausting search for beautiful clothes in large sizes. However, we believe that the times should come to an end when a girl who wants to look stylish and feminine must make an outfit to order.


How to choose clothes for a chubby  girl?

We strongly advise all girls not to choose anything. Large forms are not a disadvantage, but on the contrary, advantages. Having studied all the advantages and imperfections of your body, each of you knows which places need to be hidden and which ones to emphasize.

Choose styles of asymmetrical cut, with a high waistline, with an open neckline, with a small sleeve, not a tight cut, etc.

The Pearl Fashion online shop presents a collection of plus size clothes specifically for "not skinny" girls.

With us you can find stylish, fashionable, comfortable, high-quality clothes for any occasion in size up to 9XL (and even more for individual orders).

Our assortment includes:

large evening dress,

large cocktail dress,

large size casual dress,

large size home clothes,

bathrobe and oversized pajamas,

large size linen dress,

long dress of large size,

large skirt,

large top,

large wedding dress.

We take care of each of you, so all our products fit perfectly to the figure and look great on plus size girls. We will help you choose the perfect outfit that will highlight all the advantages and hide the flaws in your figure.

Thanks to the special cut, you will look slimmer and more feminine in our clothes. All products are made only from natural, lightweight fabrics, which add nobility and grace to every girl. Good luck.

Together with Pearl Fashion, you can not only look irresistible, but also feel confident and comfortable regardless of the size of your clothes.