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Evening dresses

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Evening dress for important events of your life!

Each woman’s wardrobe should have a properly selected evening dress that emphasizes all the advantages of a female figure. If you are planning cultural activities, a romantic evening or an important solemn event where you want to look stunning and sophisticated, and you have not had time to buy a dress yet, then we will take care of you and your appearance with great love. We suggest you buy a dress in the Pearl Fashion online store.


How to choose an evening dress?

Evening dress is one of the most important outfits for various celebrations: birthday, wedding, banquet, date, prom dress, or just buy a beautiful dress for a summer party. In order to create a beautiful and harmonious image, you need to think in advance about what evening dress and accessories to choose.

First of all, you must adhere to these rules:

  • If you want to emphasize a beautiful zone of the decollete а deep neckline, then the legs should be covered. 

  • When choosing accessories, remember that the laconic attire is harmonious with the eye-catching jewelry, and with a bright dress - discreet.

  • Choose an evening dress in the right balance of figure and cut: 

- Models with square or V-neck and overestimated waist line will excellently suit for the type of a figure of a pear. And the flared skirt will give your image femininity and fragility. 

- For the shape type of apple will look good trapezoidal silhouette outfit with V-neck. Choose a lightweight and flowing evening dress. Highlight the waist area with the necessary accessories. 

- With a rectangular shape type, a narrow long evening dress will suit. It is recommended to add contrasting inserts on the sides, lush hems or flounces. These details will give roundness to the figure. 

- For the figure upside-down triangle will be perfect to buy an evening dress with one or two open shoulders, extended skirt, and open neckline area. A necklace or scarf is recommended as an accessory. 

- The shape of the hourglass will combine a long evening gown. It is desirable to avoid draperies and styles with a low waist. 


Thanks to a large assortment and a diverse color palette, you can quickly find the perfect silk evening dress and buy it in the Pearl Fashion online store. Regardless of the type of figure, silk will suit every woman, the main thing is to choose your own style. Natural fabric holds the shape of the product well, emphasizes the figure, and also adds grace and lightness to the image.


How to choose accessories for an evening dress made of silk?

Silk is an expressive material that is not recommended to be overloaded with a large number of accessories. You can complement your look with a minimum amount of jewelry, a clutch bag, classic pumps with stilettos, or sandals with thin / thick heels. Accessories can be used to match the shoe or dress. The perfect silk evening dress will make any woman elegant, elegant and irresistible.

Buy a dress in the Pearl Fashion online store and become the main star of the evening