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Graduation party is the most long-awaited and important event in the girl’s life. At this moment, each graduate wants to look brilliant and compelling among her peers, so she begins to choose a dress for prom in advance.

The PearlFashion online store has a large selection of outfits where you can buy a prom dress.


How to choose a prom dress?

Among a wide variety of color palette, styles and styles, it is very difficult to find your perfect dress. To become the queen of the evening, you should think through your image in advance: from hairstyle to shoes.

Try on different styles of dresses, rely not only on the appearance, but also on the convenience of the outfit. If the prom dress will cause discomfort, then not the best memories of the festive evening may remain. Pay attention to product quality. Dress for graduation should be sewn from natural fabrics. Pay attention to details: accuracy of decor, smooth seam, quality of material.


What styles of dresses for graduation are relevant?

In order to emphasize the advantages of the female figure and hide the flaws, it is necessary to choose the style of the outfit for prom.

First of all, you need to understand which dress option you want:

• A long evening dress is a traditional choice of many graduates. If you are not tall, then you need to complement the image with high-heeled shoes so that the appearance is visually light and aesthetic. Tall girls can choose ballet flats or low-heeled shoes for greater comfort.

• А magnificent dress - does not constrain your movements, looks expensive and elegant due to its layering. In recent years, puffy dresses in midi length are relevant.

mini cocktail dress - emphasizes the beauty of your legs, gives the image of playfulness and tenderness. As a rule, such a style suits miniature girls.

• transforming dress - a modern and convenient option for a prom. At the time of the ceremonial part, you can be in a long dress, and in an informal, festive atmosphere you can make a short or freer outfit that will not interfere with your activity until the very morning.

In order for the graduation gown to harmoniously emphasize your charm and beauty, you must carefully approach the choice of a shade that will transform the image and emphasize facial features.


We use the best fabrics and develop new models that will be appropriate not only for graduation evening, but also for other special occasions.

Together with PearlFashion you can create a magical look!