Chic minimalism. How to choose clothes in this style?

Date: Sep 3, 2020
Chic minimalism. How to choose clothes in this style?

Hello, Beautiful! I already once talked about how I adore minimalism and try to stick to this style in my wardrobe.

However, minimalism has many directions that allow you not only to choose clothes, but to create your own unique style.


Today I want to talk about one of the areas - chic minimalism.


Unfortunately, many people think that minimalism is very boring and monotonous. However, I want to say that these people are wrong. This style has a subtle elegance, simplicity and appeal in every detail.


I want to tell you how to choose clothes in chic minimalism style.


Pay attention to the dramatic color


The laconic simplicity of the chic of minimalism should be beautifully played with color. Choose bright and fresh pastel shades.


Combine beige in your look


Feel free to mix different shades of warm beige. Believe me, this range has remained in fashion for many decades. Beige is perfect for all body types, gives the image depth and lightness.


Mix styles


So that you don’t look boring and don’t wear the same type, I advise you to mix styles. Add modern, revealing and sexy pieces to the classics.


In general, I think that mixing different styles will give you uniqueness, a sense of good taste and self-expression.


Don't be afraid to combine clothes, especially if it's a classic. Give freedom to your desires and let your inner stylist out.