What colors in clothes make you look younger?

Date: Sep 17, 2020
What colors in clothes make you look younger?

Hello, my darlings!


We have already examined and discussed a lot of fashion trends, learned about basic things in a wardrobe, the relevance of accessories, etc. Today I would like to raise the topic of the color palette in clothes, or rather, what colors of clothes make you look younger?

You've probably noticed more than once that some girls may look younger, while others may look older. It's not only about good genetics and cosmetic care, but also about the right shades of clothing.


I would like to start with basic white and light shades.

Due to their brightness, white and light colors will add freshness to your image, attract special attention and distract from skin imperfections.

Bright colors - perfectly refresh the image, especially if you use bright clothes not only in summer, but also in autumn / winter. Feel free to choose bright coats, jackets, hats, dresses, suits, etc.

Choose pastel shades and rich, deep colors. Don't be afraid to show your style. Beautiful clothes that suit you will never be superfluous.

Remember the main rule - the older you get, the more you use bright and light colors in clothes.